When it comes to photography, I really love snow! I’m more a summer person but I am totally into snowy pictures. As my hometown here in Austria is almost never getting any snow (Remember: It’s not only mountains here in Austria!) a few frost-covered trees totally get me! I went out to take an ordinary amount of 200 pictures in an hour!

It’s often said that taking photos of winterly landscapes is not that easy due to the white snow all around. I have 3 easy tips for you on how to easily take lovely winter photos 🙂

On a side note: By clicking on a single picture you can view all photos in a gallery without scrolling!

1. Overexpose your images quite a bit (1-2 stops)

I tend to overexpose my winter images quite a bit as I really enjoy that “fade-into-white” look. If you are using a DSLR camera, just set your exposure level 1 or 2 stops higher than the “perfect” exposure. For mobile phones: Use exposure compensation on Android (it’s in the advanced camera settings, called manual exposure) or on the iPhone (in standard camera mode there appears a sun symbol when focusing, drag that up a bit).

2. It’s all about setting your white balance

Many winter photos I see all day are kind of blueish or yellowish and the white just is not white. That is most likely due to a wrong white balance setting as many people shoot on AWB-mode (automatic white balance) on DSLRs or on their mobile phones. DSLR users can simply change their settings to “Custom White Balance” and shoot one snowy test image. Use this image as the custom photo and your camera will do all the white balance for yourself. (Also: use a tissue in the test photo, to get perfect whites – this does not only apply to winter images of course) For mobile photography this one is a little bit tricky: The standard iphone camera app does not let you adjust white balance, so you have to use third-party apps like Camera Plus. There is also no custom white balance for Android users, but free apps like A Better Camera do the trick!

3. Go out and do it!

It sounds simple and it really is not that hard. Just go out and do it! I had to learn it the hard way, as the hoarfrost was gone one morning after three freezing cold days. Especially with hoarfrost it can be a few hours that decide if you are getting the shot or not. So just get out, don’t let you intimidate by the freezing cold temperatures and shoot 😉

Have fun and enjoy shooting! If you need any more information on that topic, feel free to Contact me!



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