Sunset above Lake Faaker See.


Schneeberg, Vienna, Faaker See. This week has been quite rich in variety. It started with an overnight hiking trip on Monday and Tuesday for a recent campaign – I’ll tell you more about that in the next blogpost, coming up during next week (I promise!). Together with @leiserlaut we spent the night on Schneeberg, a 2076m tall eruption in southern Lower Austria. Staying at the highest mountain of Lower Austria for the night was quite the experience as we’ve had the mountain for ourselves the whole time, which meant that we were able to shoot and work in silence. While it has been raining cats and dogs in Vienna (as well as “some” hailing which caused damages worth more than 15 million €) the weather at Schneeberg was perfect. Sunny conditions with some clouds made up for a quite interesting backdrop sky for our photoshoots – who could have asked for more!

A mountain ridge with a small cross placed directly at the ridge.
Harsh light shining on a mountain's surface, a girl walking downwards.
A girl walking on a mountain ridge at golden hour.
A girl walking on a mountain ridge at golden hour.

Back on Vienna for some meetings on Wednesday I underestimated my workload a little bit and thus wasn’t able to go for a little photowalk in the evening as I planned earlier. Later that day I got a message from Marvin (@_marvn) – a fellow Instagramer from Hamburg – who was on his way to Vienna. As I knew my schedule for Thursday was rather tight I met him for an early morning walk on 6:00 am. Or at least at 6:20 am after I overslept a little bit. We roamed around the inner city for a few hours and I showed him around some famous places and tried to give him some tips what to do in Vienna for the next days!

Looking up at the so-called Mozartwohnung.
Looking up at the so-called Mozartwohnung.
The street leading towards St. Peter's church.
Facades at the so-called Judenplatz.

On Friday morning our long-planned weekend-getaway with the whole family started. We went to Carinthia, precisely Lake Faaker See together with my parents and my two older brothers with their families. Instead of getting up every morning for photography – which I had planned, but didn’t find any motivation for – it was a lot of eating and hanging around at the lake instead. Well, mostly eating and less chillax-time. Basically we just went from breakfast to lunch to dinner all day and somehow that’s how all our family events turn out. On Saturday evening we managed to eat at a sunset spot called Taborhöhe which is just a few minutes away from Faaker See and provides a great view above the lake. Many thanks to @fischko20 for the tip!! Unfortunately the best spot was blocked by an elderly couple who tried to enjoy a romantic meal with a few photographers behind them, nevertheless the view wasn’t too bad!

The view above lake Faaker See, seen from Taborhoehe.
The view above lake Faaker See, seen from Taborhoehe.
A glimpse of a footbridge at lake Faaker See.
The best sunrise spot at Taborhoehe, Lake Faaker See is quite crowded.
Two rowers enjoying the calmness of Lake Faaker See.
Two rowers enjoying the calmness of Lake Faaker See.
Mountain silhouettes at sunset.
The sun setting above Lake Faaker See.
The island of Lake Faaker See.
The island of Lake Faaker See.

image of the week

Every week I’ll select one image I like the most out of all images shot in the given week. I’ll try to explain the circumstances of the photograph and what makes it special to me.

A couple sitting on a viewpoint at Lake Faaker See.
A cloudy contrast of sunset and rainy sky with old castle ruins on a hill in the foreground.

Who else can be on the picture of the week rather than the couple that “blocked” the sunset spot all time 😉 The spot itself is quite nice in my opinion and the kind of funny pose the couple is striking makes it perfect. What an oxymoron that just these two occupying the perfect sunset spot are trying to protect themselves from light of the setting sun. Isn’t that quite contrary? 😀


StreetsOfVienna: Week 35 – 2017

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Nach zwei Wochen Rumänien und Bulgarien bin ich zurück in Wien - hab bereits ein paar Bilder gemacht, viel ist es noch nicht, aber bald gibt's wieder mehr!


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