Well, this will definitely be the most thrilling adventure I ever did. And literally everybody told me I’m an idiot when I told them where I am going. So here are the hard facts: I’m going to Russia from 1st to 10th of February!! That’s exactly where the most sceptical (or just those who were aware of the climate) intervened and asked why the hell I decided to go to Russia in February. To be honest, this trip was never my idea, I am just the guy who was foolish enough to accept the Philipp’s proposal! Yes, I’m going to travel together with dortundhier – most of you might already know this fella, he’s the one with the yellow coat (he is on here for example and he also travelled with me to Brno).
The really scary thing about all this: We’re not doing the classic Moscow or St. Petersburg city trip – nope, we are going to Lake Baikal. Some of you might already know what’s coming, for the rest of you I’ll just summarize the conditions: The whole lake is frozen (more than one meter thick) and it has up to minus 40 degrees. I guess that explains the refusing opinion most of my friends and family had. As I don’t want to further misuse your imagination, here is a picture of the frozen lake (not taken by me, obviously.)

Image source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-i7LnzGDVln8/VK55-lOKcTI/AAAAAAAAA50/X-adxXN-KLY/s1600

Here are the precise details of our journey: We will spend our first two days in Moscow, exploring the city a bit – we decided to do that as you have to stop over in Moscow anyway. After that, we’ll fly to Irkutsk and spend two days on an island called Olkhon, one day we’ll be at the other side of the lake and then we’ll drive down towards Ulan Ude. From there we are going to take the Trans-Siberian-Railway back to Irkutsk and fly back to Vienna via Moscow! Sounds like a plan, right?! I don’t know if we are going to have any access to internet or not, so expect me to be offline for a few days! 🙂

For better imagination, I used my incredible photoshop skills! I guess most of the pictures will look like this!

Image source: http://iliketowastemytime.com/ Awesome Photoshop skills: pruegl

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