The tower of a church reflecting in a puddle.


A rainy week in Vienna means grumpiness for most of the population – expect me. I love rain and – as you all know for sure – I really like to work with puddles and reflections. Managed to get out shooting a few times this past week, hope you like the result!

A rainy Viennese street with a car approaching.
St. Peter's church reflecting in a puddle.
A street in Vienna reflecting in a puddle.
The state opera and a cyclist reflecting in a puddle in Vienna, Austria.
A stunning view at St. Charles church in Vienna, Austria.
A cyclist and a passerby walking in front of Hotel Imperial.
Reflections at Schottentor underground station.
Votive church in Vienna.
Dark and cloudy sunset in Vienna's inner city.
The sun setting above the Museum of Natural history.

Have a nice week! ❤


StreetsOfVienna: Week 35 – 2017

By | September 3rd, 2017|

Nach zwei Wochen Rumänien und Bulgarien bin ich zurück in Wien - hab bereits ein paar Bilder gemacht, viel ist es noch nicht, aber bald gibt's wieder mehr!


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