Finally the last exams are over! Yeah! Holidays – or at least more time to work & photograph. On Wednesday I took a walk to Donauinsel, right on time before the famous Donauinselfest began! The whole island, which is highly popular amongst locals, was full of swimmers, people barbecuing and baking in the sun. On Thursday I met the lovely Vivi who is writing for vanillaholica.com for a short study-break & on the way back home from Karlsplatz to Prater by foot I managed to take a few pictures as well! 🙂

Image of the week


Every week I’ll select one image I like the most out of all images shot in the given week. I’ll try to explain the circumstances of the photograph and what makes it special to me.

A man walking by a bust in a park in Vienna.

An old man walking by the bust of Andreas Zelinka, a rather unknown ex mayor of Vienna. I really like the balance between the bust, looking in the direction of the elderly wanderer, who in fact looks like he is currently thinking about anything and everything. Definitely my photographic highlight of the week!


The view over the river danube to the Franz-von-Assisi-Church.
A girl walking under a bridge, the sun coming in from the left, causing long shadows and a golden look.
View under the bridge: Two girls walking on the left side of the picture towards the sun.
One of Vienna's iconic red tramways.
A couple dismissing each other in front of a tram.
Reflection on a tram stop in Vienna.
Shadow and light along a canal in Vienna, Austria.
A lady in a red-and-white dress walking along a alleyway.
A young man with a hat standing in front of a hotel, smoking and looking at his smartphone.



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