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Project Description


SKODA, a well-known car manufacturer from the Czech Republic, wanted a bunch of influencers to promote their new series of cars, especially made for Austria. The campaign ran under the name #MadeForAustria and the goal was to show a side of Austria that is different from all the stereotypes. The campaign’s goal was to encourage people to show truly Austrian moments. Here are my pictures for the campaign and a few outtakes as well!

One of THE stereotypes Austrians are facing: We’re always pictured as hiking in our Dirndl and Lederhosn (the traditional costume) – so my approach is a little bit different. Going for a hike completely overdressed, why not?

To kick off the campaign all participants went to visit the Voest Alpine steel manufactory in Linz. I took this picture to show the difference between what many people think of Austrians – very traditional and conservative people, who don’t risk anything and always run around in their costume, drinking beer and wine – and what we really are. I tried to display diversity and difference with this picture – shadow vs. reality, the divided look of the whole picture.

This is a rather classic approach: Showing a landscape one wouldn’t come up with when thinking about Austria. It’s always about mountains and the Alps but we do have lighthouses and flat lakes as well 😉