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Definitely one of my highlights in 2016: Watching the last and deciding group stage match Austria versus Iceland in Paris! To test their new WiFi system in the trains ÖBB sent me to France for the European Championships! I travelled there together with my brother and we had some time to explore Paris before watching the game in a booked-out stadium together with almost 30k other Austrian fans. I’ve been to a lot of football matches and especially at club level the atmosphere is usually a lot more impressive than at national level – that’s exactly what happened in the first half. After Austria scored the equalizer the mood suddenly tilt and everybody went completely nuts. I’ve never experienced such a crazy crowd at any sports event! Unfortunately Austria wasn’t able to meet the expectations and lost the game 1-2. Read about the whole trip on ÖBB’s blog – click here!

inside the train.

that sensational atmosphere.