A few days ago I went to an instameet at Palmenhaus Schönbrunn. The Palmenhaus (translates to house of palm trees) is located in the gardens of Schönbrunn palace and has been built in 1882 as emperor Franz Joseph commissioned. For all of you who wonder what the hell an instameet is, here’s a quick explanation: All around the world Instagram users gathered to form so community groups and organize meetings to get to know other instagramers not only online but in person. In Vienna the organization is called igersvienna, with currently four (I’m one of them) active team members arrange various events for the community to meet up. This time we cooperated with the Palmenhaus and visited the location together with 20 other Instagram obsessed humans. I decided to shoot a few portraits together with lovely kadyinvienna – here’s the set we shot, hope you like it 🙂

A few small, green leaves in focus.
A girl looking up at the ceiling, standing next to a window.
A girl's face covered in green leaves.
A hipster-like man standing in between some plants.
A girl looking to the right, surrounded by green plants.
A small branch of leaves in focus, only visible in the top part of the picture.
A small path leading through a jungle.
A small palm tree in focus, light coming in through a window on the right side.



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