StreetsOfVienna: Week 35 – 2017

Nach zwei Wochen Rumänien und Bulgarien bin ich zurück in Wien - hab bereits ein paar Bilder gemacht, viel ist es noch nicht, aber bald gibt's wieder mehr!

StreetsOfVienna: Week 30 – 2017

Another week has passed. This week's update contains dark and moody Vienna paired with a Viennese sunset over Prater plus a little roadtrip to Wachau.

StreetsOfVienna: Week 29 – 2017

WAS DIESE WOCHE PASSIERT IST...     Disclaimer: No English version this week as Wordpress fucked it up and I'm too lazy to write it once again. Sorry! Meine Woche hat genau so begonnen, wie die meisten Wochen im Leben der meisten Menschen beginnen: Arbeit.

StreetsOfAustria: Week 28 – 2017

WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK... Schneeberg, Vienna, Faaker See. This week has been quite rich in variety. It started with an overnight hiking trip on Monday and Tuesday for a recent campaign - I'll tell you more about that in the next blogpost, coming up during

StreetsOfAustria: Week 27 – 2017

WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK... No Vienna this week! Sorry! I've been to Vienna from Monday to Wednesday, working for most of the time and to be honest neither motivation nor time was available. On Wednesday evening the countryside was calling and I had to go.

StreetsOfVienna: Week 26 – 2017

WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK...   The week started off with what many of you might call bad weather. Well, from a photographer's perspective this is considered perfect. Yeah, I get it, it's maybe just my point of view. I'm quite into rain and puddles and

StreetsOfVienna: Week 25 – 2017

WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK...   Finally the last exams are over! Yeah! Holidays - or at least more time to work & photograph. On Wednesday I took a walk to Donauinsel, right on time before the famous Donauinselfest began! The whole island, which is highly popular amongst

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