A few weeks ago (it was election day in Austria!) I spent a sunny sunday exploring the Czech republic together with the yellow guy himself – Philipp alias dortundhier (Check his Instagram!). We started as early as possible at 8:15 am as voting is always more important than a roadtrip!

Tip for architecture lovers:

If you happen to be interested in architecture, check out the Archeopark Pavlov – which is perfectly en route from Vienna to Brno. The Archeopark hosts a paleontology museum, which was unfortunately closed at the time we have been there (only closed in December). It’s located directly at the Thaya reservoir Nove Mlyny in the small town of Pavlov (it’s not that easy to find, but located in the middle of the town).

After a little odyssey we finally managed to get to Brno at around 2 pm – remember, it’s only a two hour drive from Vienna! Here are a few tips on what to do in Brno!

1. The Classic – Spilberk Hrad

The city of Brno offers not much in at first sight – first you may climb up to castle Spilberk for quite a nice overview of the city! We didn’t go there this time, so here is an old iphone shot from my first visit in 2015 – well it does not help much 😀

2. Stroll through old town

Take a stroll through the quite beautiful old town! Narrow cobblestone streets will show you the way and you may just get lost & find some hidden corners! We did this too and this leads directly to my third tip!

3. SKOG – urban hub

We found this little hipster cafe totally by chance and were quite impressed. The place offers great coffee and the danish-inspired minimalism was quite appealing. We spend over an hour there as it was freezing cold and the place was super cozy – and cheap too! The only disadvantage was the not-working WiFi, not so good for instagram enthusiasts 🙁

4. Get lost in the district Stare Brno

As I have already been to Brno we decided to explore another part of the city and just headed off into a random direction. We ended up exploring the Stare Brno district, which means old Brno. We found some nice hidden alleyways behind the hospital and had a great overview of the whole district by entering a parking garage’s top floor 🙂

5. Check the Distillery for events or just hang out there

We unwittingly found this interesting space called The Distillery, an old distillate factory which now houses a community that organizes events and gatherings, giving the old building a new meaning. One of the guys was kind enough to show us around as we happened to stand in the inner courtyard with obviously no idea where we are! The place seemed really fancy for afterwork parties and workshops. If you happen to be around just say hi, there is always somebody around to chat and hang out 🙂

All in all Brno is a nice destination for a day trip but might not be the city you want to stay in for a few days. It’s only a few hours to drive so it’s perfect if you have a Sunday to spare and want to explore a city you don’t know yet!



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